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The Berlitz Virtual Classroom is suitable for anyone who appreciates the advantages of interactive, flexible learning, but doesn’t want to miss out on the atmosphere of a personal lesson. In the Virtual Classroom, your employees train in live lessons over the Internet with native speakers, regardless of their location.

The Virtual Classroom is perfect for learning a new language or building upon existing language skills quickly and with a high degree of independence.

Choose from 3 options for your learning success

Virtual Intensiv Group
Group instruction via the Internet – Your regular live-lessons at fixed times in a group of 3-5 participants.

Benefits of our Berlitz Virtual Classroom courses

  • Tailor-made live instruction via the internet
  • Free Introduction module, which provides the optimal preparation for the virtual lessons
  • Supporting course materials, e.g. books and audio CDs
  • Defined syllabus, progress checks and final tests, for success you can measure
  • Recording functionality, which enables lessons to be repeated any time
  • Continual feedback and interim reports, in order to improve systematically

Flexible schedule
48 lessons package
Materials included
Price: RUB 65 500 (incl. VAT)

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