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In the present day, for international success in the business environment simply acquiring language skills is not enough. We offer a suit of development solutions which equip leaders with a set of skills they are in need of for global success.

The key aspects of managements competence — taught in a compact package.

Efficient communication is now more important than it has ever been. It is the rock upon which businesses and careers are built and is a key component of continued success.

The three steps of our evaluation system
1. Planning

During this phase Berlitz completes a needs analysis to get a clearer picture of what is required to achieve your company goals. This analysis includes defining specific targets, administering language proficiency tests, giving consideration to the design of the course, and much more.

2. Implementation

Your employees start their courses in this phase. Support is provided at every step of the way, and the progress of your staff members is continuously monitored so that you can maintain a solid overview. This phase also involves feedback interviews during which Berlitz gains helpful information used to further enhance the quality of the course and course content.

3. Evaluation

In this phase Berlitz works with you to assess current results and to analyze progress in terms of goal achievement. The amount of information collected in the first two phases makes the evaluation phase extremely effective and beneficial for both Berlitz and your company: Berlitz learns what it needs to do to fine-tune its courses to achieve your goals, and you have a competent partner determined to see your company reach the level of success you envision.

Regardless of which Berlitz courses you choose for your staff members, Berlitz utilizes this efficient evaluation system to guarantee the results you seek. Partnered with Berlitz, you and your employees are one step closer to taking your company to the next level in your respective field.

Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about Berlitz courses for your employees on your premises.

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